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Prabhas- The Adipurush : Astrology

Prabhas has lords 9/10/11 for luck-career-gains sun-mercury-venus own libra 11th house large gains from literary-oratory-artistic-medical-pharma and public relations, gains from corporates-govt-social circle and women and wife especially during 20yrs Venus Das starting December 025. Mercury lord 7th for marriage over 11th for gains from wife and business partners, multiple gains, multiple friends and relationships.

Venus conjunct sun is considered combust though own sign libra for public relations and need to strengthen wearing 0.25 carat diamond over a platinum pendant touching the heart for health and vitality. Venus is lord taurus 6th house too for challenges and health calling for extra efforts, while care from kidney issues etc.

Mercury lord 7th Gemini is badhaka for Sagittarius ascendent giving gains under stress-delays and prone to health issues related to skin etc.

Wearing 5carats green emerald over a gold pendant cold help enhance gains from friends and spouse and literary-oratory abilities, writings etc.

Sun lord 9th for Bhagya-luck is debilated-neecha over the 11th for gains and health, regularly recite Aditya Hridayam prayers to Sun God to enhance gains from public relations etc and maintain good health and for overall success and recognition. Sun makes elevated aspect over Aries 5th for luck-status in life and is protective.

11th house planets sun-mercury-venus are well placed but need to be strengthened for enhancing gains from art-public relations-corporates and govt and for better health.

Ketu is over Acquarius 3rd with innovative initiatives, while prone to pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-lower legs-sciatica pain etc and prone to detachment from siblings-cousins-colleagues. Disruptive Ketu dasa till Dec 025.

All planets practically between rahu-ketu, currently ketu disrupting sun-mercury-venus libra 11th till Nov. 023 disrupting income-gains-profits and friendships-relationships to care, and prone to pain-injury-surgery heart-stomach-kidneys-arms-shoulders-ears-skin-nerves etc.

Daily recite Ganesha Stotram and perform japa for Ketu with the help of a qualified Pundit, repeat every birthday. Also every month donate 1.25kg white til at Ganesha temple once a month on a Saturday morning.

Lagnesh Jupiter with saturn and rahu over Leo 9th with commanding attitude and stern, tending to distant-foreign lands and pilgrimage, with aptitude for acting and administrative-directorship-political and medical skills with foreign education while tending to vitiated judgments and rise-fall in fortunes and lacuna in life and prone to toxic health issues heart-stomach-liver-orthopaedic-thighs etc. Purna bhagyodaya at 42+.

Observe fast on Amavasya evenings remembering and praying for grand-parents and great grand-parents etc and seeking their blessings. Wear 5 carats Gomedh light brown gemstone over a gold pendant touching heart to overcome the phenomenon of rise-fall and for sustainable speedy upward growth in life. Currently rahu till Nov 023 transit Aries 5th for foreign relationships.

Perform homa for saturn-rahu impacting and delaying luck and health etc, repeat every birthday, do it on a Sunday morning. Every month donate at old age homes and help sr citizens as per their requirements.

Jupiter is the leading devatha of the horoscope, daily pray to your Guru lighting cow ghee diya, and offer yellow flowers on Thursday mornings at Saibaba/Guru temple or at home too for health and luck.

Jupiter currently over own Meena Rashi 4th good for Directorship and Advisory roles; April 15th Jupiter for one year moves to Aries 5th for luck and fortunes aspecting jupiter-saturn-rahu Leo 9th for luck and foreign travels etc, also aspecting sun-mercury-venus libra 11th for all round income-gains-friendships and relationship/marriage etc.

Saturn now over own Capricorn 2nd till Jan 14th for earnings from distant lands. Jan saturn moves to own Acquarius 3rd coming 2.5yrs for initiative-innovation-technology while aspects jupiter Leo 9th tending to misjudgments and missed opportunities to avoid.

Mars lord 5th for luck is debilated-neecha over cancer 8th, chronic anaemic health and suppressed anger and accident prone especially water accidents. Wear 5 carats red coral over copper pendant touching heart enable overcome challenges in life. Moon too neecha over scorpio 12th with aptitude for forensic psychology, research aptitude, sentimental, prone to dark thoughts and depression, colds, lung disease and urological issues. Wear Pearl over silver pendant touching heart to overcome introvertedness and enhance expression of sentiment.

The horoscope has no planets in the Kendra thanes-quadrants indicative of some vague inner emptiness, taken care by sun-mercury-venus in the 11th house for friendships and gains/profits. Mars elevated aspect over capricorn 2nd protective of basic finances.

Need to strengthen sun-mercury-venus libra 11th and enhance gains from literary-oratory-public relations, look forward to 20 yrs Venus Dasa come Dec 025. April 023 Jupiter moves to 5th house for luck aspecting sun-mercury-venus 11th for gains and relationships. Rahu Aries 5th till Nov 023 for foreign relationships; Saturn Acquarius from Jan 14th for innovative initiatives while care not to miss opportunities. Care for disruptive ketu over sun-mercury-venus till Nov 023 with prayers for Lord Ganesha, overall better times from Dec, 023. Jupiter leading devatha of the horoscope, regularly pray to Saibaba or any Guru of choice and visit the temple Thursday mornings.

Need to overcome the dosha of jupiter-saturn-rahu impacting fortunes with rise-fall with Amavasya fasting and wearing Gomedh for speedy sustainable upward growth. Wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant to help with relationships, jupiter aspects venus April 023 to April 024.

20yrs Venus Dasa for gains starts Dec.025. Recite Shree Sooktam especially Friday evenings offering white flowers to Goddess Lakshmi.

Wear 0.25 carats diamond over platinum pendant touching heart.

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