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Bride and Groom Compatibility

Marriage compatibility as a rule must be done counting from the Moon sign and Nakshatra/Constellation of the proposed bride. Signs 2 to 6 from the girl not desirable while may be compromised if friendly signs, impacts mutual health and longevity etc. All this factored while allocating points on a scale of 36 points. Points matching is not enough, need to go beyond points with matching Nakshatras with Tarabala for emotional and physical compatibility without Nadi-Rajju-Gana-Mangala doshas/defects with overall happy-prosperous charts with friendly dasas and transits at the time of marriage, while an effective Marriage Muhurtha needs to be set up not making undue haste looking for the best, not to regret. No horoscope matching is required for love marriages pre-decided as the couple like each other ready to face any consequence in the marriage. While a good auspicious compatible Muhurtha could yet lay the foundation for a satisfactory marriage. 01. MOON/Ascendant Signs and NAKSHATRA The moon signs of the bride and bridegroom must primarily match for emotional compatibility to begin with as the starting point having what is called graha maitri or friendship between the lords of moon signs. Moreover the moon signs though friendly must not be in 6/8 positions from each other with scope for sweet conflicts to begin the day with, which however may be sooner reconciled on a regular basis. Similarly 2/12 which are unfriendly be avoided causing lack of financial compatibility for mutual prosperity. Trines 9/5 placements are preferred provided the sign lords are friendly. Squares are OK if friendly signs but do pose a bit of mutual challenge in the relationship. 3/11 relationships in friendly signs could be friendly, but could be a forced live-in relationship if in unfriendly signs. Water and fire signs though friendly too be avoided, as the mutual charm gets extinguished sooner. Oppositions are popularly encouraged known as Sama-saptaka but usually are unfriendly signs inimical for each other posing personality and health challenges, known as badhaka signs. Cancer and capricorn, Leo and Acquairus which involve moon-saturn and sun-saturn combinations be avoided. Mars-venus signs have merely physical attractions which may not last long and create dissonance later. Saturn-venus combinations find it difficult to attract a match, while may also pose mutual health issues. Ascendent Signs be similarly matched based on planetary friendships. And Navamsa Ascendants too, D-9 chart. Strong planets in the navamsa assure the promises of a chart either positive or negative. Weak placements in Navamsa are non-promising of the outcomes. Every Ascendant has an inimical sign known as Badhaka sign causing stresses and delays and posing diseases in life and must be avoided, which is usually ignored as these are 9th, 11th or 7th houses from the ascendant. 02. MOON NAKSHATRAS or constellations need to be matched to begin with though the Moon signs are friendly. A table of matching nakshatras is provided in every Panchang/almanac requiring minimum 18/36 points matching though 22/36 points match is considered more desirable to begin with. TARABALA between the Nakshatras is a primary requirement for mutual luck, the mutual nakshatras must be 2/4/8/9 from each other known as Sampat Tara for prosperity, Kshema Tara considered safe for mutual welfare, 8/9 nakshatras are Mitra/Adhimitra taras ie friendly and most friendly nakshatras. Nakshatras 3/5/7 from each other pose mutual dangers and must be avoided at all costs. Nakshatras with Nadi dosha/defect impacting life and health are avoided though moon signs friendly. Gana dosha indicating temperament whether Godly, Humane or Demonic need be considered, both must possibly have the same Gana/temperamental class as far as possible. A boy must not marry a Demonic/Rakshasa Gana girl, while a girl may marry a Demonic boy as he is expected to be victorious and competent to face the outside world. A Rakshasa/Demonic girl not considered good for practical purposes for the harmony in the family having a dominating profile with independence of thought and preferences and posing conflict within the couple and the family as a whole. While both the boy and girl could be mutually Demonic checkmating each other and reducing or avoiding the conflict. Nakshatras with same GOTRA lineage must be avoided technically speaking. Nakshatras are Male or female in their disposition, usually bridegroom must have a male nakshatra and bride a female nakshtra for naturally compatibility. Both Male nakshatras are prone to mutual dissonance/conflict, both female nakshatras may find it difficult to cope up with challenges of life, Nakshatras of same charana/D-9 degrees be avoided for some desirable heterogeneity not becoming a block for childbirth etc. The nakshatra of the bridegroom must precede the nakshatra of the bride. Nakshatras in the same Moon sign or even same Nakshatra with different charana are recommended as the Gana dosha etc get cancelled to a workable level. 03. MANGALA/MARS Dosha involves physical and temperamental compatibility and mutual harm to each others life span if badly placed. Mars placed 1/2/4/7/8/12 houses from ascendant sign is considered Negative and must be avoided. It is OK if both bride and bridegroom have mars in similar house placements or checkmated by saturn in similar houses. Mars in certain signs is however exempted from Mars dosha/incompatibility which must be considered not giving a blanket rejection to the match proposal. If Mars period/dasa is already over in both the horoscopes Mars dosha may be ignored for possible harm to life while temperamental issues could yet be there. Mars impacts till the age of 28 when youngsters have boiling blood, hence marriages after age of 28 with Mars Dosha may be exempted. Placements of Rahu/Ketu the separative Nodes in 1/2/4/7/8/12 houses too need to be considered for health and long life and negative impact on the individuals. Ketu specifically causes pain-injury-surgery and accidents. Marriage related planets associated with ketu/SNode must be avoided to avoid prospects of separation. Rahu combinations cause rise-fall in life prone to toxic health issues, lacuna in life etc. 04. OVERALL CHART COMPATIBILITY is very important apart from the above technical details, Charts showing good personality and talent, luck, career, happy married life with mutuality and without separations, good yogas placements for prosperity and happiness and above all prospects for mutual health and long life and prospects for birth of children with Jupiter etc encouraging child birth. The planetary periods/dasas at the time of marriage must be mutually friendly, positive and encouraging, not to begin on a wrong note. Transits at the time of Marriage are important too not to invite any unforeseen possibilities like break-ups, accidents and harm to life etc, May wait for marriage till the bad transits or bad dasas are over. The couple should facilitate life and progress and happiness in marriage emotional and physical with matching nakshatras not having Yoni dosha for sexual compatibility etc not to be ignored and repent later. Minor individual negatives maybe overcome through appropriate remedies like wearing gems, performing japa, havan/fire worship, donating grains for the navagrahas/planets etc. 05. The charts should not have Rajju Dosha keeping the couple of short life, childless, or impacting prosperity or staying separate, travelling all the while etc. Friendly moon signs are exempted for Gana Dosa, Rajju Dosha, but not for Nadi Dosha impacting health and child-birth. The lords of the ascendant and 7th house of the individual chart must be well placed with mutuality in friendly signs in trines etc for mutuality in marriage sans prospective conflicts. This be checked in each chart before finalising the match. The 7th house of a chart be clean without hindrances of any sort and planets in the 7th house of the individual chart or the Marriage Muhurtha chart are generally not considered desirable. Marriage Matching is a tough task as no two charts or individuals can fully match and a compromise may need to be struck somewhere not making unusual haste while marrying in good dasas/transits and in the best possible Marriage Muhurtha election of time in tune with the two horoscopes with all desirable Muhurtham electional factors avoiding the undesirable factors with the help of a qualified reputed genuine Pundit/Siddhanti well versed in the knowledge of astrology and astronomy the knowledge of the Panchanga and the effective usage and advice. May take multiple opinions if need be without putting undue influence on the Astrologer, while forced remedial measures may not be of much help. Marriages take place or relationships may initiate when Jupiter transit is favourable aspecting the 7th lord or mars/venus, or when rahu NNode transits venus, or jupiter transits the 11th house for friendships-relationships aspecting the 7th house for marriage, or when jupiter moves through the 7th house for marriage trine 11th house for friendships-relationships with venus placements etc. Ketu should not play a negative role for break-ups etc. Scope for early marriage in both the charts be examined while marriage matching the charts. Indian parents do not wait once a proposal is accepted between the families and give little waiting time crystallising the marriage sooner in a few months time. JYOTISHBHUSHAN SHANTARAM

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