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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Many westernes are switching to vedic astrology feeling comfortable with their 

personality profiles and life events and prognosis.

The Ascendant signs and planetary placements in a sidereal wole signs vedic chart are

24 deg backward, approximately by one sign, said to match the nakshatra placements 

in the sky as visible to the naked eye.

Whole Signs chart gives an preliminary idea of the chart, planets in signs whether

friendly or unfriendly etc, elevated or debilitated, and so on. While Bhava chart with Ascendant longitude as the mid-point of a house is the VEDIC HOUSE Chart indicating placement of planets in houses impacitng house matters,Vedic house meanings are more or less the same except for a few differences, 9th house for example representing guru-husband-grand children apart from luck, education and distant travels.

Many westernes are switching to vedic astrology feeling comfortable with their 

personality profiles and life events and prognosis.

All signs and all planets are represented in each individual to some degree or the other,

as individuals and events are representative of the cosmos, as above so below.

Certain traits and talents and life trends could be more intense in an individual based on the individual ascendant sign, moon sign, sun sign, conjunctions, aspects, transits, etc.

NAKSHATRA placements of moon are unique to vedic astrology, deducing the 

placement to a narrow range and the personaltiy differentials on the terrain.

Ashwani, Bharani, ravathi, etc, 27 nakshatras. Each planet is placed in a particular nakshatra, which is symbolised further by the Navamsa chart or the D-9 or the  9th harmonic in western astrology, which gives a further micro detail of the unique personality features, event possibilities whether will manifest  as per the basic natal chart, known as D-1 chart. 

PLANETARY DASAS-PERIODS are again unique to Vedic astrology, each planet has hold on the individual for certain number of prescribed years, the sequence of a particular planetary period beginning from the placement of the Moon in a given Nakshatra , beginning with the ruler of the nakshatra ruler and the balance of the given planetary period based on the distance travelled in the nakshatra by the moon. 

Hence having the degree of the moon correctly calculated to a second is very significant 

so that planetary periods are correct  to the possibility of the date of event to be predicted. 

Usually there is an element of error in recording the birth time and the prognosis could be off by a few days or weeks. 

The Vimshottari Dasa system consisting of 120 yrs cycle, is the standard system followed.

PLANETARY ASPECTS again vary in Vedic, saturn aspects 3-7-10 houses, Mars aspects 4-7-8 houses and so on, not standardised aspects as in Western Astrology like trine, suare, sextile, etc.

TRANSITS IN VEDIC known as Gochara, are seen from the Moon sign with a plethora of rules, while modern vedic astrologers prefer to see it from the Ascendant sign comibing with the Moon Sign transits.Moon represents our psychology and our quality of response and success and failure in a given structured situation, hence the significance of the moon and the transits therefrom to determine what is likely to happen or not happen, the prospects therefor.

TARA BALA or palcement of moon in a given nakshatra sequence during transit determines the auspiciousness of the placement from the birth Nakshatra and the likelihood of the auspiciousness of the nakshatra for the given individual as per the natal chart - nakshatras placed 4th, 8th, 9th are auspicious nakshatras for the individual from his birth nakshatra.

Tarabala is one of the primary factors in initiating a marriage match.

Vedic MARRIAGE MATCHING too is unique  matching the mutual nakshatras for temperament, friendliness of the moon signs, placement of the mutual moons from each other, and nadi compatibility for health compatibility and long life etc all resulting into a 36 point scale, with a minimum requirment of 18 points match and other horoscopic match in terms of matching mars, saturn, rahu the Node, etc and looking for good planetary placements in each of the horoscopes. Moon signs, ascendant signs and 9th harmonic-Navamsaare matched for friendliness, the match getting rejected at each stage if not matching. Marriages are planned fixing an auspicious Muhurtha electing the time matching the two horoscopes under consideration with a host of guidelines again at an auspicious time during the year, The Nodes in vedic are know as Rahu and Ketu.Jyottish Bhushan Shantaram applies vedic chart reading to western tropical charts too. on western astrology forums.Vedic charts do not involve the outer planets uranus, neptune and pluto, though modern astrologes have been incorporating their usage.

It is unique for Vedic to suggest REMEDIAL MEASURES to harness strong planets and gains, as well as overcome stress-struggles-blocks through gems, poojas-prayers to Gods/Godesses and for Planets, donation of grains for planets, Mantras, Yantras, and various other measures which can be helpful overcome the challenges of the chart and seek gains.


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