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Importance of Bhagyodaya in Astrology and its connection with 9 th House

Updated: May 10, 2022

There are 12 houses in a zodiac and each one represents a specific characteristic. At the moment you were born, the planets were all in specific signs and houses which forms the basis of the birth chart. An astrologer blends the meaning of each planet, the house it’s in, and the sign it’s in, to decipher the obstacles or gifts you’ll face in this lifetime.

Ninth house refers to Bhagya, luck that once brings alongwith from the previous incarnations based on cumulative karma, learning aptitudes and spiritual inclinations, Sanskar from the father, higher education - post graduate degree etc..Karma plays a vital role in ones life according to vedic astrology and Luck in this life is hugely dependent on the karma in the previous incarnations.

When will luck ripen depends on the lord of the 9th house and planet in the 9th house. At this point the person will reach his full potential as per his own capacity to rise ahead in life with luck-education-spiritual merit.

for example Mars rises at age 28, Mercury at 32, Saturn at 36, Rahu at 42, Ketu at 48;

Mars deals with spirituality through karma-service to mankind; mercury is rational in approach; rahu is secular.

Planets in the 9th also suggest aptitude for higher education:

Sun for management studies

Moon for teaching-psychology

Saturn-Mars for technical education

Mercury for journalism-writings etc,

Jupiter for advisory roles, Venus for arts-pharma etc.

Dasa of 9th lord could bring about Bhagyodaya, foreign travels etc; rahu-ketu-sat-mars in the 9th house are indicative of change and distant or foreign travels.

Hope this note gives an idea of the scope of 9th house and Bhagyodaya based on cumulative karma in previous incarnations.

5th house is 9th from 9th house and it suggests results based on karma in the immediate previous birth to be further reaped this birth either positive or negative to take the cycle of karma ahead. Negative karma could block the positive cumulative Bhagya of all the previous incarnations for a while this incarnation seeking penance;


OM Shree SaiGaneshaya Namaha, OM Shree SaiGuruve Namaha


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