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Gautam Adani Astrology

Taurus ascendant energetic, creative, stubborn; love of food and comforts; aptitudes for hotel management, banking, nutrition, dentistry, food processing; 5th lord for luck mercury over taurus ascendant good looks, literary-oratory abilities, while as lord 2nd negates to first indicative of negating family and finances and education leading to an element of constraint. Mercury first in Laxmiyoga however protective of the chart overall.

Natal Jupiter-moon acquarius 10th form gajakesari yoga able to defeat the competition and innovative leadership. Jupiter now till April 15th over own pisces 11th for gains and rewards of leadership, making elevated aspect over venus-rahu cancer 3rd for international communications/software and aspect scorpio 7th for business, research-occult-forensic aptitudes.

Mars own aries 12th, technical aptitudes, vipareetha raja yoga, success in adversity in foreign lands, mars aspects own scorpio 7th supportive of business related to metallurgy, geology, oil exploration, forensics, etc. April 15th jupiter moves to mars aries, supportive.

Mars lord 7th over own aries 12th, business success in adversity tending to losses at times, hyper-impulsive. Jupiter lord 11th over 10th, gains from career while tends to negate friendships.

Sun gemini 2nd places high value on money, excellent at business-financial analytics, sun lord 4th related to properties. Retrograde saturn towards sagittarius 8th however impacts health and finances and family matters and relationships. Mercury lord 2nd negates to the first, negating family-finances, some constraints.

Ascendant lord venus with rahu over cancer 3rd, acting skills, international communications, marketing and travels, sensitive, prone to rise-fall in life, lacuna in some aspect of life, toxic health issues lungs-kidneys etc; Currently 20yrs venus dasa till 2034.

Capricorn-saturn badhaka-inimical for taurus ascendant, saturn retrograde own capricorn, stress-delays in luck-education-father-travels; ketu SNode badhaka capricorn, tending to detachment from father and distant travels while prone to pain-injury-surgery thighs-knees etc.

Venus-saturn opposition, difficulty in showing or getting affection, and prone to health issues.

Currently till Jan 14th 023 saturn in sadesathi transit natal badhaka saturn capricorn luck-travels-health under stress; time to take critical long-term decisions of life which will impact the coming 30yrs.

Jan 14th badhaka saturn moves to own acquarius 10th over moon-jupiter, career/business growth via innovation and reform but under stress-delays impacting health, knees-liver-lungs-sciatica of lower legs etc; saturn 10th gives rise in career for two years 023–024, while care from fall first half 025 before saturn exits and moves to pisces 11th for gains.

Currently till Nov 023 ketu over libra 6th, coping with competition, prone to minor pain-injury-surgery and minor accidents; detachment from public relations and flow of work/business to care. Lonely transit hence not much to worry.

Rahu now transit mars aries 12th till Nov 023 tending to foreign lands, while prone to toxic health issues, head-brain-feet inflammations to care, hyper-impulsive. Natal venus-rahu prone to rise-fall in life to care.

May Goddess Amba the devata for taurus ascendant bless with all intellect, comfort and prosperity.

Share feedbacks on the insights. best wishes and best regards!

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